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EroticExpo 2016 – In Siberia can be hot even in winter time!

EroticExpo 2016 – In Siberia can be hot even in winter time! Galeria
City Tyumen, situated in the region of cold Siberia, for the several days in December is associated exceptionally warm for representatives of the erotic industry in Russia.

This happens due to the Company „Andrey”, which for 23 years has organized at that time a unique house fair „EroticExpo”, for its customers and business partners. What is more, the Company Andrey, which is one of the main distributors of SoftLine lingerie in Russia, has celebrated 25 years aniversary this year!

The event each year hosts over 120 people, including dozens of shop owners from the Russian market as well as representatives of manufacturers of famous brands from around the world. Amazing atmosphere of the meeting makes that you always want to come back there.

The SoftLine brand, which has been cooperating with the Company Andrey almost 14 years, always welcome the opportunity to meet directly with customers, so also this time we planned this journey with pleasure.

The fair formula, where official part is interspersed by an entertainment program and informal meetings, helps in closer contacts and strengthening business relationships.

Meetings with clients, the presentations of the SoftLine offer – including the latest lingerie collection Plus Size, discussions, exchange of experiences and opinions, understanding customers and market needs as well as common fun, all of these together have given us invaluable experience and material for further work and development of our lingerie collection.

We thank the Company „Andrey” and all the participants for unforgettable moments.

See you next year!

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