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June – the most erotic month in Russia

June – the most erotic month in Russia Galeria

The premiere of new Plus Size 2013 collection, launching of merchandising certification program on Russian market and the sexiest lingerie show. This is only a part of attractions, which SoftLine brand prepared for June’s erotic fair in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

From May 31st to June 2nd took place Moscow’s X’Show fairs, whilst from June 7th to 9th – eS.EXpo fairs in St. Petersburg. The most popular in Russia – SoftLine lingerie was presented during both events at its official distributors booths – companies Andrey, Astkol-Alfa and Gurman+K.

Main attractions made for this time was the premiere of new Plus Size collection. We are extremely proud that it met with a very huge interest of our clients and all visitors.

During both fairs the merchandising certification program was launching with motto „Be a official Softline Point of Sale”. Its dedicated to stationary and on-line shops on Russian market. Fairs was and ideal occasion to present this idea.
All shops taking part in it will receive the certificate of being Official Softline’s Point of Sale and can count on our professional marketing support. During this action we present the unique displays for merchandise Softline products.

Among all attractions, we traditionally prepared lingerie show, where beautiful and sexy women present Softline, and also give gadgets to audience and all visitors. Models for all time presents our lingerie on booths of our official distributors in Russia.

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